CoE on Additive Manufacturing- Optoelectronics Sector

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is disruptive set of technologies which are bringing fundamental change in how manufacturing is carried out in many sectors due to its ability for mass customization.

AM is enabler for digital manufacturing which has capability in producing products directly from design data by adding layers of material to obtain the final shape with minimal waste, supporting Industry 4.0. Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has initiated a Centre of Excellence on Additive Manufacturing at Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology (C-MET), Pune in collaboration with Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology (CIPET), Bhubaneswar. The objectives of the centre are to support Indian Additive Manufacturing Eco-system through focused and coordinated research, design and development in collaboration with 3 participating industries. The centre is expected to achieve self-sustenance and focus on developing indigenous materials and machine technologies for electronics manufacturing sector. In current phase of the project, 4 technologies with 4 different machines, 13 materials and 4 different electronics application products are slated to be developed.

The project is also bringing opportunities for Indian companies to develop their own AM material and machine technologies for global market at much reduced R&D cost for any sector (not limited to electronics) such as aerospace, medical, automotive etc. The centre is also training manpower to support growth of AM economy in India.

Products and POCs developed (Vertical-B)

AG Powder

PD Powder

LTTC Powder

Functional materials developed at C-MET, PUNE



Ag composite

Ag-Pd composite

LTCC composite

Photopolymer and its composites with functional materials developed at C-MET, PUNE

Proof of Concept package-1

(Multilayer and multimaterial features which include conducting pads, conducting lines, conductor filled via, open cavity, dielectric layer, etc.) Substrate dimensions 30 × 30 mm

Our Team

Project Team (CoEAM - Vertical A, CMET)

Project Team (CoEAM - Vertical A, CIPET)

Project Team (CoEAM - Vertical B)

CoEAM, C-MET, Pune building

3D Printers (Vertical-A CMET)

3D Printer (Vertical-A CIPET)


3D Printers and accessories (Vertical-B)

Characterization Equipment (Vertical-A)

Characterization Equipment (Vertical-B)

Process Equipment (COEAM, C-MET)

Centre of Excellence in Additive Manufacturing focuses on development of indigenous technologies for electronics and optoelectronics component manufacturing suited for Printer Stack Model and high-volume machine production in India through collaboration with industry. Benefits of such technology are reduction in investment cost (capital and land), running cost (production and recurring cost), lead time, number of parts etc. while having the potential to improve performance.

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Dr. Smita Mohanty

(Chief Investigator-II)

Director & Head (Principal Scientist),

CIPET : SARP – LARPM – Bhubaneshwar

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Dr. Shany Joseph

(Chief Investigator-II)

Scientist ‘E’,

C-MET, Pune

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Dr. Sunit B. Rane

(Chief Investigator-I)

Scientist ‘E’,

C-MET, Pune

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